Dimensions Healthcare System
Our Care Team

Our Care Team

The care team at the Family Health and Wellness Center consists of physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, social workers, and medical and dental assistants. They deliver care to patients of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics. All physicians are board certified and committed to the communities that they serve. On-site social workers have extensive knowledge of Medicaid and Medicare, and can assist with completing applications as well as linking patients to other community resources. Due to the center’s electronic medical record, the entire care team has enhanced communication and collaboration resulting in high quality patient care.

Dental Care

Darcy Benghenia, DDS

Dr. Benghenia believes everyone should have access to affordable, quality oral health care. No one should live with oral pain or fear the dentist. Dr. Benghenia works to ensure all patients understand the importance of oral care. She works closely with maternity patients, helping to teach them to care for their children’s teeth from birth. She also works with medically compromised patients, such as those with HIV/AIDS to stress oral care.


Family Medicine

Stacy Ross, M.D.

Dr. Stacy Ross is a family physician who believes that health involves the whole person – spirit, soul and body (holistic medical approach). Health is not the absence of disease, but the harmonious balance between spirit, mind, emotions, feelings and the body. Dr. Ross utilizes both conventional and complementary/alternative therapies (integrative medicine) in her practice.


Internal Medicine Residency Program

  • Dr. Teshome Tegene, Internal Medicine Residency Program, Director
  • Dr. Gita Shah, Internal Medicine Residency Program, Faculty
  • Dr. Manash Das, Internal Medicine Residency Program, Faculty
  • Dr. Nidal Arnous, Internal Medicine Residency Program, Faculty


Nurse Midwives

  • Anthonia Obichere, Nurse Midwifery Director
  • Laseken Bosede, Nurse Midwife
  • Barbara Osafo, Nurse Midwife
  • Catherine Schwob, Nurse Midwife
  • Ann Silvonek, Nurse Midwife



Cheverly, Laurel

  • Dr. Henry Adegbulugbe
  • Dr. Marie Nkodo
  • Dr. Kim B. Glover